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Waxing is one of the most preferred, easy, quick and most used techniques of getting rid of unwanted body hair from any area of a body. Our experts provide wax treatment including naturally derived plant waxes, essential oils, and soothing ingredients to give you the smoothest results. Waxing you will get long- lasting, hair free skin as waxing resists hair growth for almost 1 month, and it is cheaper than laser method. There are two types of waxing - Warm Waxing / Hot Waxing


Threading is the more precise method for a sensitive and soft skin of eyebrow and faces as threading does not cause any burning, peeling or irritation and is perfect for getting rid of ingrown hairs. After threading, hair grows back thinner and slower. One should do threading once in two weeks.

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Benefits of Waxing

  • It helps in removal of dead cells from the skin thus giving skin a glowing look.
  • Waxing helps in getting rid of thicker hair.
  • It gives the skin a more smooth, silky, fresh and stunning look.
  • The effect is long lasting than other hair removal techniques.

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