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Enjoy dazzling, glowing look throughout with our beauty experts. Whether you are looking for a moisture boost, skin rebalancing treatment or renewed radiance and much more, pick best facial for your skin on recommendation of our beauty experts. There are different types of facials offered by our experts depending on client’s skin type.

They all follow an almost similar trend but certain products like oils and active ingredients are used in accordance with skin type. Facial treatment which uses purely Ayurvedic ingredients are potent in bestowing nutrition to skin in natural way. It suits everyone, irrespective of skin type. Give deliberate attention to yourself by availing a facial session.

Benefits of Facials

  • Clears the jammed pores which relieves skin pores, and aids in proper breathing of skin pores.
  • Toning and repairing damaged cells.
  • Rejuvenation of eyes is attained
  • It hydrates your skin, giving them a sense of care and nourishment.
  • Scrubbing extracts out dead cells, white and black heads from skin
  • It suspends anti- ageing symptoms, revives the skin and boosts cell generation.
  • It diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, making skin firm.
  • By pampering, it de- stresses and relaxes your senses and skin.
  • Massage done amid facial,triggers overall blood circulation in facial area.

So by availing regular facial boost your overall appearance and change definition of your personality.

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Beauty is the promise of happiness